Interesting Blog topics for Web Hosts

Blogging about web hosting and related services have become quite challenging these days. gone are the days when users would flock to blogs to get the basic understanding about web hosting, the various plans available, merits and demerits of various hosting solutions, how to shift website from one web host to another etc. Nowadays, website owners are quite adept in the routine stuff. The reason why they visit blogs owned by web hosts is to get the inner picture- the how and why of things. They are so hungry for knowledge that as a blogger, I find myself turning into a voracious reader so that I could find something interesting to share with my visitors.

Blog Topics

Keeping the visitors hooked to one’s blog is quite important from a web host’s point of view. It not only gives the users a direct platform to get the latest tips and know-how, it can be the ideal platform for various users to interact with each other and in the process, boost traffic to your web. So how do you make them keep coming back to your blog? Ofcourse, you need to write about topics that interest them. Not generic stuff, but tutorials, self help tips, pro tips, solutions for common problems, latest trends in the industry and so on. Once they realize that they get to learn stuff that they can’t learn from anywhere else, you are assured of a regular visitor. So what are the blog topics that will interest users? We have made a collection that is listed below

Post topics relevant to your blog:

A user doesn’t visit his web host’s blog to read about the latest Samsung or Apple release. There are tons of forums and blogs out there that exclusively deal with that stuff. You need to specialize on an area and build up on that. If you keep your blog posts restricted to topics about your product, various product updates, equipments, market acquisitions, partnerships etc, you are assured of regular visitors.

Tutorials and self-learn tips:

The problem with tech savvy people is they are often poor at communicating their knowledge to the end user. They tend to use technical jargons that drive away regular users. No matter how hard they try to simplify the explanation, it quite doesn’t trickle down to the average user. This is where as a web host; your blog can attain critical importance. By jotting down tutorials and self-learning tips in a language which can be digested by the regular user, you are assured of regular visitors who come just to learn new things.

Industry updates:

Yes, you definitely want to include the latest happenings regarding your industry. The who-is-who of what-is-what cliché. There aren’t many places where readers can get that info; hence your blog can turn out to be quite a hit among them.

A bit of diversity:

After all, you wouldn’t want to drone on and on about web hosts and hosting technologies. For the occasional breath of fresh air, you can add the odd here and there that spices up things a bit.

Top five Best Hosting Companies

If you are planning to start a new site for your business, then possibly you might think about the web hosting company to choose. When you explore the market, there are various companies to choose from. Selecting the best company can be a challenging task for you, if you have lack of knowledge and expertise about this sector.

best hosting

Therefore, here are five top most web hosting companies, offering you professional and affordable services and plans, choose any of them for your requirements and preferences:

  1. HostGator

It is also a popular and leading web hosting company with many years of reputation and experience in this sector. They have various customers, who appreciate their services. The company provides with various plans that are perfect for any site, making them an immense, and all-purpose company used for hosting purposes. It is a little bit costly, but if you choose plans for long terms and use discount on HosatGator hosting link from BestHostGatorCoupon, then you can consider them as affordable ones. This company has strong and rich features and performance.

  1. InMotion Hosting

It is a most acknowledged and trusted web hosting company that provides with high performance and quality services for various businesses all over the world. This company has the greatest level of customer satisfaction between web hosting review sites and webmasters. It is more expensive as compared to others, still offering more reliable and performance services than its rivals. This is the best alternative to HostGator hosting by performance and price too. It is an ideal fit for those, who organize a business site and need a web host that will function accurately, even under heavy traffic loads.

  1. iPage

This web hosting company is best suited for personal utilization and blogging purposes. It is a popular company for its feature rich and low cost services and solutions of web hosting. The company is being rewarded as a top most company on separate review sites. It has great customer satisfaction rate. It has simple to use web hosting. It has many tools and resources to offer to its customers with an easy and most friendly control panels. If you have a tight budget, this company is a good one to adopt.

  1. Web Hosting Hub

It is another reputed and popular company, offering web-hosting services online. The company provides with quality services for those, who have small business sites. The plans offered by them are ideal for small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking for reliable and reasonable web hosting. It is as well simple to use. With it, you can make your site easily.

  1. GreenGeeks

It is a new company, based in Los Angeles. The company offers eco-friendly and high performance services to customers. They are gaining popularity day by day. It has recently hosted around 100, 000 websites through 150 countries. It is easy to use platform for beginners. It has also a user friendly and simple control panel.

BlueHost Hosting for WordPress Based Websites

If someone looks up the word BlueHost on Google, hundreds of reviews will show up if not thousands or maybe even hundred thousands of them. BlueHost is undoubtedly one fruitful website hosting service very especially suited for people who need a basic or slightly higher than basic support for web hosting. Even though BlueHost provides support for advanced websites as well, usually newbies choose BlueHost to avail the attractive offers they have using hosting coupons from blueh0st. All typical reviews on BlueHost cover stuffs like unlimited domain, storage, bandwidth etc. and the anytime money-back guarantee offer. We would be covering the WordPress part more on this review.

bluehost discount on wordpress hosting

BlueHost is probably the best host to integrate WordPress on their server. The process is very easy and even newbies can turn into pro within a very short time span.

Let’s Know A Little Bit about BlueHost

Matt Heaton was the mastermind who started the company. That was long ago, back in 1996 founding a website hosting company wasn’t a mainstream idea. However, back in 2000 and afterwards BlueHost had reached the #1 position, especially the newcomers to website industry preferred BlueHost over any other host for websites of small and medium size. In present time, BlueHost is still securing the position with thousands of satisfied customers and a very efficient team of energetic souls that runs the company.

BlueHost offers a wide range of plans and the yearly fees are as low as $6.95 per year with the help of Bluehost Coupons. The Business plan is the highest paid package worth $14.95 which is the costliest BlueHost plan.

Our assessment showed that the website’s uptime was 100% over a week’s test; and it was 99.9% over a month. The uptime is satisfactory and the prices are very reasonable for the service they provide.

WordPress in BlueHost

For people who want to spend less effort in website programming and designing, yet want something that is top notch and industry friendly must need WordPress integration with a website hosting service. This website give all details about Bluehost hosting and WordPress. BlueHost has WordPress integration in-built and the installation is literally so easy that anyone can install WordPress on BlueHost and proceed to making websites.

How to Install WordPress on BlueHost

WordPress doesn’t come with a website hosting service unlike many other drag and drop website building company. BlueHost offers the one-click installation window in their control panel and the process is actually very easy. Just following through a guideline will be enough to set WordPress in Bluehost, however BlueHost customer care guides their users through the installation if anyone needs so.

  1. Login to the Account Manager for BlueHost web hosting service. You will be redirected to your control panel.
  2. Find WordPress under Software/Services section. Click on ‘Install’, the option is located under Installation Options section.
  3. Select the domain where you need WordPress to be installed. Fill up the fields in advanced options, if necessary.
  4. Read the licensing info and review your installation. Click on ‘Complete’ to end the installation and you are done.

Why BlueHost for WordPress?

  • Service worth money: The promise for guaranteed website uptime is true and you’ll truly need not contacting them for such issues. Website pages load fast and the storage space and bandwidth are unlimited as promised. Customer service is satisfactory as well; you will have no complain with BlueHost service.
  • Reliable: If BlueHost wasn’t a reliable web hosting service, they wouldn’t be able to have around a million accounts.
  • Inexpensive: BlueHost payment options are flexible; you can pay either for each month or a whole year. The fees are as low as $3.49/month for monthly payment; that’s a reasonable pricing indeed.


Considering the pricing plans and the service and our main concern WordPress integration; BlueHost is definitely the best website hosting company to sign up for.

Email Hosting Service Guide

This is basically a web hosting service that deals with email servers. These email hosting service often provide ultimate email at a price in contrast to ads, supported free email, or free web mails. One thing is clear that the email hosting services are different from the conventional user level mail providers like normal email sites.

Hosting services

The Service:

Basically, they offer service for the high-end mail users, to small and general business organization. However, the big organizations often go with their own email hosting service over their system. They take the help of systems like Microsoft Exchange. In general, the host service providers do the works like controlling the domain name of a user. The mail authorization system that the domain owner loves to implement for communicating the sense that going through a specialised domain name picks and screens, or passes the mail senders, also come under it.


The mail hosting providers have the excellent ultimate email solutions those are hosted through the specialised mailing sections. On this context, the tools and aids of several mail hosting service providers may be different in accordance with the different needs. Mails provided by the common web hosting organizations are generally of standard mails, and webmails in accordance with the common webmail tools like RoundCube. However, every hosting provider has the basic email hosting facility.

What to expect from the hosting house:

Upon inclining to offer email hosting, the company has to incline as well with the condition of taking care of the protection issues of the mail accounts for the client. In addition, they have to make the servers trust-worthy over which the mail accounts are kept. In general, the companies provide offer of keeping the user’s mail records over its own server. The mails are conventionally always active. Hence, the organizations providing the service need to make the server active always.

Before going for the service:

However, it is recommended for the users to go with reputed service providers. The big organizations generally offer email services those are absolutely free for the most fundamental set of services. There might be comparatively challenging issues as well like keeping the mail messages. On these occasions, they demand more cost also. In addition, there are many comparatively smaller organizations, especially the start-up kinds those provide mail hosting service for free. There are a number of options available these days on this matter. You must examine well prior going with any.

Prior going for the service it is recommended that you ensure the company is having enough server resource. It must posses huge resources as the hosting of this kind is generally a mammoth organization in accordance with the dimensions of service offered like the conventional sending purpose, or high-end storage related issues.


There are many email webmaster providers available. You can take the examples like 123mail, Commtouch, espMail,FuseMail, Lux Sci, etc. 123mail has expertise in providing scalable outsource options to match the business needs of all size. You can have help for messaging and web protection solutions for service providers or similar organizations. There are many organizations like espMail those have the expertise to provide email solution for smaller business groups.